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Get premium performance at unbeatable value by choosing DuraMAX® Advanced Full Synthetic XLT

Synthetic Oil, DuraMAX, Oil Change, Automotive, Car Maintenance

 As vehicles become more advanced, so should your routine maintenance. Advanced engine technology costs, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Most importantly, the products you choose to put in...

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DuraMAX: There's a New Leader in Town

DuraMAX, Automotive, Oil Change

DuraMAX, the premier aftermarket automotive brand of RelaDyne, celebrates its latest success in the automotive industry as it ranks in the 2018 NOLN Fast Lube Operator Survey. The DuraMAX brand is...

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Spring Car Maintenance Equals Profit & Reliability

Automotive, Car Maintenance, Oil Change

The snow is melting, the temperatures are inching up, and the winter effects on cars is giving way for Spring maintenance needs. As customer's start venturing into the warmer weather and heading...

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5 Ways To Make Your Quick Lube Waiting Area More Inviting

Car Maintenance, Oil Change, Automotive

A large flatscreen, a Keurig in the corner, ah the luxuries of the quick lube waiting area, right? While most quick lubes only include the bare minimum for some comfort for their patrons, the...

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Winter Car Maintenance Musts

Car Maintenance, Oil Change, Automotive, Seasonal Maintenance

It’s freezing outside but the show must go on! Each morning can be dreadful when it comes to your morning and evening commute. Many depend on their trusty seat warmers and defrost to lessen the...

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How to Gain Your Customers’ Trust & Their Business for Life

Seasonal Maintenance, Car Maintenance, Oil Change, Automotive

We all know there’s a stigma to car repair shops. They quote you above the cost of needed repairs hoping you won’t know the difference to make an extra buck or two. At least, that’s what the word...

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4 Ways DuraMAX Can Increase Profits & Customer Loyalty

Oil Change, Car Maintenance, Automotive, Car Repairs

For many, car maintenance is a chore. Car repairs are rarely included in the household budget, as many are unpredictable. You can’t predict what may go wrong with your customers’ cars until they...

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Synthetic Vs. Conventional: The Pros and Cons for Your Customers

Car Repairs, Oil Change, Car Maintenance, Automotive, Synthetic Oil, Conventional Oil

As customers gain more and more options of oil to put in their car, your selling point for the various products becomes more important. Having the knowledge to advise your customers on their oil...

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